Harvard School of Public Health ID 201: Core Principles of Biostatistics and Epidemiology for Public Health Practice
Fall 2015 & Fall 2017
Head Teaching Assistant & Teaching Assistant

Introduces the basic biostatistical techniques and epidemiological principles and methods used in public health research. As head biostatistics teaching assistant, I developed all biostatistics homework and lab materials for this new course. I taught and graded a weekly lab section on biostatistical methods as well as offered office hours and co-coordinated the teaching staff.

Harvard School of Public Health BIO 200: Principles of Biostatistics
Fall 2014
Teaching Assistant

Provides an introduction to the basic biostatistical techniques important for analyzing data arising in public health research. I taught and graded a weekly lab section on methods and applications.

Washington University School of Medicine: Summer Institute for Training in Biostatistics Practicum
Summer 2011
Senior Teaching Assistant

Trains students to apply biostatistical methods primarily through statistical computing in R. This course emphasized on hands-on experience in applying computing methods to analyze genetic epidemiological data. As senior teaching assistant, I prepared and taught reviews of methodology, worked through exercises and was the primary grader of daily assignments.